Subject Matter Experts

Our Subject Matter Experts are individuals who exhibit a high level of expertise in performing specialized functions within your organization. This may be in the area of Technology, Compliance, Operations, Regulatory, Finance and Risk.

You need to engage an SME in the initial planning and documentation stage of your project to ensure you realize the intended end results.


Program Managers

We provide program managers that understand the dynamics of your business and organization. They’re well versed on maximizing your ROI and value delivery. They focus on ensuring your business strategy is properly mapped and your objectives are satisfied.

These resources are experts in managing change and are critical to ensuring the success of your overall business.


Project Managers

Project Managers are responsible for ensuring the project gets completed on time and within budget. They not only manage the projects, they focus on the scope, scheduling and resourcing of the initiatives.

They manage the risk associated with your project ensuring that the main objectives are achieved and risks are clearly communicated in a timely manner prior to impact.

Senior Business Analysts

The Senior Business Analyst takes on more complex, higher profile projects within the organization. This lead BA is often times responsible for larger scope initiatives that demand the efforts of multiple business analysts. In addition to performing many business analyst activities, a lead will coordinate and oversee the work of other BAs as it relates to a specific project.​


Business Analysts

Today’s Business Analyst bridges the gap between technology and the business. They’re effective communicators and investigators responsible for having an intimate understanding of the business and the organization. They use their business and analytical skills to understand the problems of the of the business and clearly document a suitable solutions

The business analyst is a critical role within your organization; they document clear current and future state architecture requirements ensuring the success of you business.


Our testing resources ensure that the changes you put into your system are seamless. Our resources are knowledgeable in the current system development life-cycle processes and know what is required from both a unit, functional and regression testing aspect. They will also ensure that your testing processes and procedures are compliant with auditors.

Software, business and operational process changes are constant.  The testing resource is critical to ensure that the implementation of these changes does not adversely impact your business.


Staff Augmentation

Our consultants are subject matter experts that have decades of industry experience and a network of experienced professionals to ensure you have the right staff to meet your goals. We provide resources that can perform both a run the bank or build the bank function within your organization.